Juletræsfest – 11/12/2011

About 70 Danish patrons arrived dressed for the holidays to celebrate the traditional Danish Christmas. The room was decorated with fresh pine and red, white, green, silver and gold ornaments; the huge Christmas tree set the tone for a successful afternoon. People were chatting away while sipping Gløg and munching on Danish pancakes and gingerbread cookies, while the kids bounced around red and white balloons covered  floor. There was the occasional shriek when a balloon popped, but mostly laughter and smiley faces.

We danced around the 5 meter tall tree to traditional Danish songs ending with one long line touring around the house.  Then the kids went off to another room to listen to a Christmas story.

The eyes of the kids between two and twelve lit up when Santa finally arrived to hand out the goodie bags and a small gift. He took time to talk to each child and for some it was the very first encounter. They patiently waited in line and wispered their most treasured Christmas wish (parents had long ears while photographing their cutie).

The day concluded at the craft table where the kids made long lines of garlands and woven hearts and intricate folded stars to bring home to decorate their family trees.


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